Special Event Security 

Special Response Security provides a variety of services for any occasion – ranging from large concert venues to small weddings, parties, or whatever the case may be; we have programs and services to fit your needs. Our special event security duties include crowd control, door monitoring, ushering, screening attendees, working the barricaded areas, VIP protection, and parking lot/traffic control.

Special Response Security has professional guards for events in Austin, Texas

Planning security for a special event requires a tailored approach that balances effective, non-excessive security measures against a realistic assessment of the likelihood of threats or conditions to the event. A “one size fits all” approach to security fails to consider the very aspects of your special event that makes it unique. Our experienced staff ensures that a full site visit and threat assessment is done prior to your special event, to include all options explored taking in account any additional requests.

Our goal is to ensure your special event is fun, safe, and enjoyable without any security concerns.

Some security providers hire temps and people from placement agencies to cover your event often times without even training or knowing them; and other security companies will send down or drop off a few last minute guards in a “Security” or “Staff” windbreaker the day of your event – again, with very little to no training.Although the state will license ex-felons and many companies will employ them without your knowledge, we refuse to employ ex-felons at our agency regardless how many years ago the conviction was. Most special event or event staff companies can’t make that statement – something to think about.

Special Response Security undergoes an entire process days and weeks prior to your event to ensure everything runs smoothly. Your special event is NEVER a time to try out new hires or “temp hires,” as anything can happen. We utilize veteran employees and experienced representatives who provide quality service to our clients.

Don’t add stress to your “To Do List.”

Your guards should be the last thing you worry about during your special event.

For a stress-free security service, give us a call today!

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