Special Response Security is an Austin Security Guard Company

SRS is an Austin security guard company, owned and operated by Texas residents and not out-of-state corporations. We are licensed by the state of Texas, regulated by The Department of Public Safety (DPS), and fully insured. Our knowledge and experience come from both military and law enforcement fields, to include over 25 years of experience directly in the private security sector.

Austin Security Guard Company

Although the state will license ex-felons and many companies will employ them without your knowledge, we refuse to employ ex-felons at our agency, regardless of how many years ago the conviction was.

Our security officers undergo a state background check, FBI fingerprint check, and random drug testing. Our hiring standards exceed the states’ minimum, to include many other agencies, which means the client receives a better security representative on their property.


There are several, but 3 key differences are: experience, training, and level of customer care. 

Short Answer: Keep the lines of communication open and flowing with your security provider and update them on any changes; also ensure everything you want in the service is stated in the service agreement.

Yes. Our security officers undergo random drug testing. 

Our officers attend a 45-hour commission class, to include ongoing site training for starters.

Clients have direct access to our management team; we’re available to address any issues and concerns in a prompt manner. 

Quality services

Special Response Security provides many solutions to fulfill a wide spectrum of security needs and circumstances. 

Not only do we have a “we do it all” business culture; our vast experience and performance from each representative can go unmatched by most security guard companies.


We offer guard services for businesses and individuals requiring protection

Austin Texas Guard Company Special Response Security ServicesSpecial Response Security Services, an Austin security guard company dedicated to finding ways to continually improve ourselves while offering better and up-to-date security services in Austin. Being proficient in our tasks, not only provides great service to our clients, but also protects our client’s liability, reputation, and customer-base. We try to remain as non-intrusive to any business as possible while providing a high level of security.


Our goal is to ensure each client’s needs are met and to establish a great working relationship built on excellent customer service and trust.

Special Response Security Services has security officers for all Occasions – available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas.

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