Difference between Austin Guard Companies

Some Austin guard companies offer the “perception” or “illusion” of a security guard service; Special Response Security provides a dependable security guard service that is not only proactive but also customer service oriented. We carefully select our security officers based on their background, experience, personality, professionalism, and training. We do not place an untrained guard on a client’s property because we have a post to fill; we believe in “controlled management growth” which ensures all of our officers are equally trained and knowledgeable.

Instead of providing a liability, we provide an asset to our clients.

 When contracting with a security guard service, you cannot settle for low standards or no standards as it defeats the purpose of hiring a security guard service.

Although the state will license ex-felons and many companies will employ them without your knowledge, we refuse to employ convicted felons at our agency regardless of how many years ago the conviction was.

What makes Special Response Security one of the top Austin guard companies?

Some companies will attempt to dazzle you with the credentials their owner holds or held years ago, but keep in mind, they are not the guards performing the service on your property.

Avoid false promises, frustrations and being billed for poor service or no service. A higher standard is available and provided to clients who are in need of a security guard service to fulfill and exceed their expectations.



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Austin Guard Companies

We require 100% employee drug screening whether the guard is armed or unarmed, and background checks and training are required prior to placement.

FYI: You can request a copy of the guard’s background check, recent drug test, and who will be at your place of business – you’d be surprised at the number of convicted criminals working as guards and not drug tested.

What does training and higher standards mean to you and your business?


Austin Guard Companies

It means lower risks of lawsuits, educated representatives, a more positive and professional service, and a better-prepared and competent security officer on your property.

The fact that your security staff represents you and your business, and the fact that they are highly visible should make you strongly consider who you want assigned to your property.

Our training program and mandatory continual training exceeds the state’s guidelines many times over while other companies are content with providing the six hour state minimum. Less than six hours of training is required by the state for an industry where individuals are entrusted with lives and valuables of others is ridiculous and careless to say the least.


Armed and Unarmed Austin Guard Companies

There is a higher standard in the private security guard industry and one that we provide.

Special Response Security Services has security officers for all Occasions – available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas.

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