Security Officers 

Security Officers

While some guard companies only offer the “perception or illusion” of security, we provide a great, dependable, and proactive service that is very much customer service oriented while focused on the client’s protection and enforcement needs. We combine experience, background and a high level of training to accomplish our goals and provide great customer satisfaction.

We offer both armed and unarmed security officers that can be either uniformed or plain-clothed to fit your needs. We have both ex-military and police experienced persons on our staff providing unsurpassed knowledge and training to our officers. We seek out and employ the above-average security professional who has what our clients want – professionalism and dependability.

Although the state will license ex-felons and many companies will employ them without your knowledge, we refuse to employ ex-felons at our agency regardless how many years ago the conviction was.

Our employees go through an FBI Fingerprint check, a national background check, to include being individually licensed by the State of Texas Department of Public Safety (State Police).  Most guard companies start and end their guard’s training with the State’s minimum required class; we exceed the minimum standard and provide our officers with excellent and in-depth training that is also given on a continual basis.

Why hire a guard service versus patrol services?

Our posted security officers are very effective for clients that require professional and dependable officers to remain on site for any given time or circumstance. Unlike a random vehicle patrol service, the posted officer does not leave your property and remains on site for maximum, uninterrupted protection and coverage.

Our security officers provide both interior and exterior protection to any location, 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

Our typical tour of duty includes: Criminal deterrent, Access control, Public relations, Foot or vehicle patrol, Door & window checks, Lock or unlock designated areas, Checks for any maintenance or safety hazards, Respond to any calls or emergencies, Investigate suspicious or criminal activities, Enforce rules and regulations and Submit detailed reports for each shift.

If you’re looking for an Austin security guard company equipped with professional officers, Special Response Security has you covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week – Contact Us Today!

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