Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle patrol service is a cost-effective program which provides a strong security presence on your property while conducting mobile inspections at random intervals; its mere presence deters criminal activity while providing your property/community and customers with a great peace of mind.

Our patrol services are tailored differently to fit each client’s specific needs and to maximize the security presence in the areas of concern. We use professional, law enforcement-style patrol vehicles; not only do they send a strong statement while on your property, they also represent your community well with a high sense of security presence and visibility.

Our focus is to ensure each client’s needs are met and to establish a great working relationship built on excellent customer service and trust.

Vehicle Patrol Service

What duties does a vehicle patrol officer have?

During our random inspections, our uniformed officers will conduct foot patrols, door and window checks, lock or unlock any designated areas, check for maintenance or safety hazards, respond to calls for service and alarm activation, investigate suspicious or criminal activity, enforce your property’s rules/regulations and submit a report to you.

We offer both armed and unarmed security officers that can be either uniformed or plain-clothed to fit your needs.

Although the state will license ex-felons and many companies will employ them without your knowledge, Special Response Security refuses to employ ex-felons at our agency regardless how many years ago the conviction was.

We carefully select our security officers based on their background, experience, personality, professionalism, and training. We do not place an untrained guard on a client’s property because we have a post to fill or patrol; we believe in “controlled management growth” which ensures that all of our officers are equally trained and knowledgeable.

Special Response Security Services is committed to providing our customers with quality, private contracted security that is both dependable and professional. If you’re in need of mobile patrol services that won’t leave you disappointed, contact us now!

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