Bodyguard Services 

Special Response Security provides bodyguard services to clients who seek special security measures or precautions. Our services are aimed at protecting political figures, athletes, celebrities, business leaders, senior management or anyone who requires personal or family protection.

Whether at home, your office, traveling to a certain location, or during an event, we can provide a bodyguard service wherever it is needed.

Our bodyguards are selected based on their professional experience and exemplary skills, along with their training and ability to adapt to changing environments and the client’s needs. We offer transportation arrangements, off-duty police officers, security surveys, and risk assessments of your situation.

Corporations and individuals are sometimes faced with unexpected threats from terrorists, ex-employees, criminals, racists, stalkers and the mentally unstable. With situations such as: sabotage, kidnapping, hijacking, assassination, espionage, harassment and domestic issues, the need for close protection or a bodyguard service is growing. Sadly, an issue such as terminating an employee or someone’s investment went bad, results in a violent incident with an employer or corporation; even political figures and other officials are no longer safe for a brief meeting with their public.

We offer executive protection and personal protection services


Special Response Security provides a discreet, professional asset transportation protection service for all occasions and all types of assignments. Whether you are transporting jewelry, antiques, computer chips, or sensitive documents, they can all be targeted by a sophisticated criminal element.

If you’re carrying anything worth value, you are at risk; criminals usually will be armed and not alone. They know when and where you make your bank drops, pickups and deliveries, to include your general schedule. Current and ex-employees know how much you bring in, and your routine. If you’re transporting high-dollar and sensitive items, you probably have already been watched.

Special Response Security offers insured overt or covert protection, point-to-point protection, or posted bodyguards at set locations. We can have an agent ride with you or provide a full team “shadowing” your movement in vehicles along with route pre-planning and threat assessments. For a small price of an escort, it could save thousands of dollars in losses or even your personal safety.

We provide bodyguards in Austin and surrounding areas


Special Response Security has several options and programs available for you to minimize the threat and dangers associated with workplace violence and disgruntle workers which can be done on a short-term and short-notice basis.

As businesses go through changes and restructure, often times termination of employees or layoffs occur. It is during these times that even the most loyal employees, supervisors, or ex-management become disgruntle, desperate and even violent. Some may only issue threatening statements while others, as seen on the news, resort to drastic measures ending in shootouts, hostage situations, etc.

It is highly recommended to upgrade security at your facility each time layoffs occur or termination of an employee that has made any type of retaliation statement, strange comment, displayed suspicious behavior or has shown signs of unusual behavior.


Not only is an employer responsible for the safety of his employees, he has a duty to act under these circumstances. Don’t be dismissive and brush off yesterday’s threat; listen to your gut-feeling which is saying “Warning!” Our executive protection services will allow you, your staff and customers the sense of security you rightfully deserve – give us a call now!

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